Kamui Katsuragi is an arrogant grade-school Vanguard expert. He later falls in love with Aichi Sendo's younger sister, Emi Sendo. His ace card is Asura Kaiser.


Kamui is first seen beating people at Vanguard at the Card Capital. He then sees Emi, and falls in love. When he sees Emi dragging Aichi out of the card shop, he thinks her and Aichi are dating. So the next day, he challenges Aichi to a Vanguard battle (under the condition that he get the "Goddess" if he wins) and wins. He then asks Aichi for the "Goddess", but Aichi doesn't know who that is. Then, when Emi (who Kamui thinks is the "Goddess") walks into the shop to get Aichi, Misaki explains that they are brother and sister. Acknowledging this, Kamui tries to become Aichi's "Honorable Brother". He is one of the Vanguard players competing in the Shop Tournament at Card Capital. He theen joins team Q4 to fight at regionals and nationals


Asura Kaiser


Genocide Jack

Screaming and Dancing Announcer, Shout

Queen of Heart

King of Sword

Shining Lady

Lucky Girl

Tough Boy

Round Girl Clara

Hungry Dumpty

Claydoll Mechanic