Whirlwind! Kamui, the Grade-School Fighter (Senpū! Shōgakusei Faitākamui) is the fifth episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard. It premiered on February 5, 2011. Aichi battles the new kid, Kamui Katsuragi, with his new Grade 3 card, Solitary Knight, Gancelot.

Knowing that he needs grade 3s, Aichi visits the Card Capital and sees everyone crowded around a fight. He looks in time to see a kid summoning a Grade 3 and win against Izaki Yuta. His name is Kamui and seems rather arrogant for his young age.


Kamui makes fun of Izaki.

Seeing this, Aichi asks to fight, but Kamui senses that he’s too weak and refuses. So Morikawa tries, and fails miserably. Emi comes in at that point and Kamui instantly falls in love… but she ignores him and drags Aichi out of the shop. Kamui gets the wrong idea…

Kamui falls in love with Emi.

Later, Aichi returns to the shop and finally buys a new pack of cards. Luckily he gets a Grade 3 and it fits nicely into his deck. Kamui comes and challenges him to a Vanguard fight. With some edging on from Morikawa, Aichi accepts.

Morikawa encourages Aichi.

So they begin. Kamui makes the first attack but Aichi guards. Aichi brings out Blaster Blade during his second turn and attacks twice dealing 2 damage. Kamui then calls more and uses a host of more abilities and deals 4 damage in one go.

As luck would have it, Aichi manages to draw his brand new Grade 3, Gancelot. He powers it up with 2 critical and 10k power at the cost of 4. Kamui guards the first attack but then Gancelot’s attack hits and deals 3 damage.

Kamui Rides his Grade 3 main card, Asura Kaiser, and attacks to deal one damage. His second attack is then guarded with an intercept. He attacks one last time, but is guarded, however thanks to a drive trigger using an ability of his Grade 3 he is able to attack again and win the fight. He then hears Aichi only has 1 Grade 3 and fears he’ll be dangerous when he gets more.

Misaki is annoyed with Kamui's idiocy.

Then Emi comes in. Misaki lets it slip that Aichi and Emi are siblings which makes Kamui a little weird and respect Aichi too much… so mu

Kamui is thrilled at the thought of Emi.

ch that Aichi runs for it.

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