The Ninja Fighter Withdraws (Ninja Faita Taijou) is the eleventh episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard. It premiered on March 26, 2011. Aichi wins his battle against Ninja Master M, and afterwards Aichi, Emi, Misaki and Kamui relax before the tournament continues.

With nothing else he can do, Aichi rides King of Knights, Alfred! The upside is that if Aichi has 5 Royal Paladin Rear Guards, Alfred will gain 10k power making it unstoppable for an attack, but the downside is that Aichi only has 3 Royal Paladins and only 1 card left in his hand. But it seems Aichi has a plan, as he moves Little Sage, Marron back and using 2 special abilities, calls out 2 more Royal Paladins, Flogal and Knight of Silence, Gallatin to make 5.

Aichi attacks, M guards the first but can’t guard against Alfred’s 20k power. Twin Drive check yields a stand trigger. He gives the +5k power to his untapped Gallatin and unt

aps his Gallatin that already attacked. His third attack is guarded and intercepted leaving M with only one card in his hand that most likely can’t guard and no Unit left to intercept; this means he can only hope for a heal trigger when Aichi deals the final damage, which Kai thinks he should’ve done from the third attack and not bothered with intercepting. This is because a heal trigger will give a 5k power boost if he draws it and can put that to use.

But alas he can’t do anything. The damage is dealt with no trigger. M can’t believe that this is the same shy Aichi

that had always wanted to run away.

Whilst everyone congratulates Aichi, Ninja Master M disappears but Mr. Mark appears randomly. He manages to slip by without anyone finding out who he is.


Next up, Kamui, who wins easily and advances. And Misaki, who at a glance seems to be even with her opponent. Both are at 4 damage and same amount of monsters out. However Misaki wins in that turn with very nice strategizing.

The four finalists are decided: Misaki, Aichi, Kai and Kamui!


But first it’s lunchtime. Emi has brought lunch for Aichi so the two head out to a nearby bench to eat and is later joined by

Misaki and Kamui’s ‘crew’.

Back in the shop only Taishi and Kai remain. Kai says he expected better than the current pitiful competition. He also states that he’ll defeat all that challenge him.

Now that everyone’s back the next round drawing starts. There are numbers 1-4 written on four pieces of paper and 1 will face 2 and 3 will face 4. They each take their draws and open them together.

Kai vs Misaki. Aichi vs Kamui. The final matches begin!

Continued next episode